The 2021 Classification Society Distinguished Dissertation Award

The Classification Society would like to congratulate the winner of the 2021 Distinguished Dissertation award, Michael Gallaugher (now an Assistant Professor of Statistical Science at Baylor University). The title of Michael’s thesis is "Analysis of Three-Way Data and Other Topics in Clustering and Classification’’.

The honourable mentions for the 2021 Distinguished Dissertation Award are Nicolas Jouvin (Institut Camille Jordan) for the thesis "High-dimensional data and graph clustering with discrete latent variable models’’ and Salvatore Daniele Tomarchio (University of Catania) for the thesis "Advances in finite mixture models: new methodologies and application’’.

Eligibility for the 2022 Distinguished Dissertation Award

To be eligible for nomination, a Ph.D. dissertation must have been successfully completed – including successful defense – within the calendar year 2021. Nominations may be made by the dissertation author, supervisor, or related person, and must be sent by email. A nomination must include contact information for the nominator and nominee (if different), a URL where an online copy of the dissertation can be accessed by the members of the Award Committee, and an electronic (e.g., scanned) cover letter, written and signed by the nominator, stating the date of final completion of the Ph.D. dissertation and outlining why the dissertation merits the award. The nominator must also arrange for two external referee reports to be sent directly to the chair of the Award committee. If possible, the referees should be arms-length from the dissertation author and their supervisor. Cover letters should include full bibliographic details for any published papers, proceedings, book chapters, or similar scholarly material that have arisen from the dissertation. For non-English language dissertations, nominators are requested to provide an extended abstract in English and, where relevant, to highlight any papers, proceedings, book chapters, or similar scholarly material associated with the dissertation that have been published in English.

Award Committee

Volodmyr Melnekov Ph.D.

Volodymyr Melnykov (Chair)

Xu (Sunny) Wang

Xu (Sunny) Wang

Prof. Volodymyr Melnykov

Herbie Lee


Nomination packages are due on or before February 1, 2022 to the chair of the Award Committee, Volodymyr Melnykov < vmelnykov 'at' cba dot ua dot edu >.

Previous Winners

  • Michael Gallaugher Baylor University

  • Keefe Murphy Maynooth University

  • Anjali Silva University Health Network

  • Yang Tang

  • Michael Fop University College Dublin

  • Paula Murray

  • Zsuzsa Bakk Universiteit Leiden

  • Irene Vrbik University of British Columbia - Okanagan

  • Kim de Roover Tilburg University

  • Jeffrey L. Andrews University of British Columbia - Okanagan

  • Theodore Damoulas University of Warwick

  • Frank Busing Universiteit Leiden

  • Daniel Aloise Polytechnique Montreal

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